سه شنبه، 24 تیر 1399 / 2020 July 14
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A Passage from Imam Khomeini’s Divine Political Will

A Passage from Imam Khomeini’s Divine Political Will
In the name of Allah, the companionate the merciful
… We must realize that if the Majles delegates and the president are competent, most difficulties will emerge and if they do, they will be solved without delay. This applies to the election of Experts determine the Council of Leadership or the leaden F( if the Experts are elected by the nation with care and consultation with the prominent Ulema and religious authorities (Marjae Taqlid) of the time, if learned dedicated and virtuous persons go to the Assembly Experts, then, most of the major problems will not arise because of the selection of the most competent individuals as The council of leadership or leader and if they do, theyll be dealt with dispatch and exactitude. In view of Articles 109 ...(74) and 110 ...(75) of the constitutional law (of the I.R.1) concerning the grave duty of the nation in electing the Experts" and the "Delegates" to determine the leader or the Council of Leadership it becomes clear that gross harm will accrue to Islam, the country and the Islamic Republic by the least oversight and negligence in their related elections. Because of the extreme importance of the probability of their incidence, their occurrence surely entails divine responsibility.
My advice to the leader and the Council of Leadership in this era which is the era of invasion and aggression by the superpowers and their stooges, domestic or alien against the Islamic Republic, indeed against Islam, and, to the future leaders and councils is to devote and dedicate themselves to the service of Islam and the mustazafin (the meek, the deprived and the oppressed) and of the Islamic Republic. Do not think that leadership (or guardianship) is per se a gift or an exalted position for you. Rather, think of it as a heavy and grave duty in which errors due to mean and lowly considerations will subject the perpetrator to life-long shame in this and to the wrath of God in the next world. I beg of the Lord and supplicate to Him that He admit us to His Presence having emerged from this trial with success. This danger exists, though to a lesser degree, for presidents, governments, and authorities, now and in the future, each in proportion to his responsibility. These, too, must be mindful of the presence of God and His watchfulness over their actions. May the Lord guide them and show them t right path!